From the moment the RPS skilled team of carpenters embark on your project,
until the finishing touches, our GOAL is to bring your vision to life.

New Construction

At RPS Renovations LLC, we understand the importance of creating a seamless partnership between the Architect, Client and Contractor for every custom build project we do. We work with your appointed Architect, who develops a design concept per your approved requirements and vision. The Architect is responsible for the plans and the visual appearance of the project prior to the final structural design.

With a well-estimated project budget and schedule in place, we collaborate with the Architect to achieve the completed project from the initial concept to fruition.

Operating as a valued team member, we work in harmony with the sub-contractors, prioritized schedule, and most importantly, you, the client on the finalized plans. Together, our goal is to transform your initial concept into a stunning reality.


“As a GC, I surround myself with quality personalities that are a great fit for my company and most importantly, my clients! I am quite happy and content to have Robert of RPS Renovations fill a valuable position on my team. I will continue to call on him because he is an experienced and competent builder! ~Brian K. Apr 21, 2020

Custom Trim

As your complete renovation specialist, true craftsmanship is exemplified through our quality, custom millwork. With a focus on the architectural style of the home, our skilled team repairs and restores existing trim to its authentic status.

Utilizing advanced 3D imagery, we can virtually match any wood product, from basic to multi-layered crown, specialty wainscoting, and coffered ceiling trim. RPS Renovations pays careful attention to establishing a preference and style that seamlessly connects with the integrity and time period of your home. You can trust us to bring out the timeless beauty and elegance in every detail.


“Rob and his crew are great. From the design process, through planning and execution, all phases of work have been on point.” ~Laurence C. Apr 29, 2022

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We are very pleased with the work done by RPS Renovations! They were very considerate about working in a home and keeping the renovation mess contained! The end product is beautiful!” ~Dawn B.  Apr 5, 2020

Renovations & remodels

While a renovation focuses on restoring and updating a room or entire structure creating a new space or function, a remodel involves changing the physical structure and design, often through expansion and the addition of plumbing and wiring due to code requirement.

A remodel is often more costly due to the expansion and is often a great solution to problematic home design or a need for expansion and added square footage. With our expertise and utilization of the latest materials, we ensure a proficient and exceptional result. Be aware, that in some historic homes, only renovating is allowed.

As your complete renovation specialists, we prioritize maintaining the integrity and architectural details of every project, whether we are working within the original space or creating something entirely new.

Let us to bring your vision to life, whether it’s a renovation or a remodel.


“I really enjoyed working with the entire team because everybody was always in a good mood and the workmanship was great. If you’re doing a renovation, Bob is really clever about diagnosing difficult problems and figuring out unusual fixes. ” ~Marci S. Mar 26, 2020

Decks & Outdoor Spaces

RPS Renovations LLC specializes in transforming your outdoor living areas into stunning and functional extensions of your home. Our expert team of renovation specialists works closely with you to design and build the perfect deck that seamlessly blends with your existing architecture.

These structures are built using a variety of materials. Whether you desire the warmth and beauty of natural materials or the low-maintenance convenience of composite decking they are available in an array of color/style design concepts.

Your exterior spaces can be enhanced with an outdoor kitchen for your entertaining and outdoor living experience. We can create a space to relax, entertain, and enjoy in your own back yard.


“Great job with lots of flexability to work as the project evolved. Wonderful problem solvers! ” ~Lou P. Feb 5, 2021

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Bob and his team did and amazing job! I’m extremely happy with my new office space. The quote Bob gave was very detailed and easy for me to understand. His team was timely and professional. It was overall an amazing experience and exceeded my expectations for what it could be. One of his team members, Larry, was very informative and walked me through all the work they did that day. Highly recommend. ~Jacqueline H.  Nov 6, 2021

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